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School Complaints

HCB Solicitors were instructed on behalf of the parent whose child was not permitted to attend an educational school trip.

The school had raised issues regarding student’s past behaviour and claimed that they were a risk. However, the student has made clear attempts to improve their behaviour and also participate in voluntary activities. The school made various comments to the student asking for their opinion on the trip and also commented that the educational trip would be good for educational purposes. The student in question also participated in a group practice and they were praised for doing well. Despite the significant improvements made by the student in question, the school decided to uphold the decision to ban the student from the trip.


HCB Solicitors were subsequently instructed to advise and draft a detailed letter asking the school to reconsider their decision. Following a review of the school’s policy and documentation, it was apparent that there was correspondence noting that student would be permitted to attend the educational trip if he maintained good conduct.

HCB Solicitors therefore addressed the fact that the student in question did make great improvements in their behaviour and that there is no evidence to indicate that the student would be a risk to others on the trip. HCB Solicitors therefore submitted that the decision to ban the student from the trip was neither reasonable nor proportionate. Furthermore, given the importance of the trip to the student, HCB Solicitors submitted that it was likely to have a significant adverse impact on the student’s educational and mental health wellbeing. HCB Solicitors also addressed the fact that there appeared to be a failure to provide support to the students in addressing any alleged misbehaviour.


Following a consideration of HCB’s detailed letter, the school agreed that the student should be permitted to attend the trip. HCB Solicitors were subsequently informed that the student and his group were one of the best performers; finishing in first place. The student was praised by all teachers and that he would be assisted in selecting his A-Levels. The student has subsequently made significant strides in their academic achievements and the school have noted that their behaviour has also improved.

This case therefore provides a prime example that students who are given a second chance can progress with appropriate support from the school.

Our client subsequently left the following review:

“I would like to mention how professional and extremely efficient and effective Mr Rhys Palmer was in my case. He is very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him. Thank you, once again for all your support.”

HCB Solicitors understand that it is often the case that schools may not review every case on the basis of its merits. It is important in many cases for there to be an independent, impartial and legal perspective so that they may change their mind on any decision that is made. For further advice, please contact HCB solicitors on 0333 202 7175.

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