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SEN Legal Advice

Every child has the right to an Education.

Our SEN (Special Education Needs) solicitors are able to provide legal advice across a range of education matters.

The team will offer SEN advice in a helpful, inciteful, and pragmatic manner that allows clients to proceed with whichever course of action feels right. Our goal is to attain a resolution that you’re happy with.

There is no need to visit any of our offices as our services can be provided over the phone and by email. We can offer Skype, Zoom, and Teams calls in order to provide a face to face conversation.

If you require SEN legal advice from a specialist education lawyer we can provide assistance with;

  • Ability to comprehend
  • Behaviour
  • Concentration levels
  • Hearing or other impairments
  • Physical abilities
  • Reading and writing
  • Social skills

The SEN process involves an individual who takes responsibility for planning and monitoring the additional support a young person or child may require. Parents and guardians should be involved in discussions about planning SEN support for children and young people. Those involved should be updated a minimum of three times a year on the support that is being provided to the child in question.

The report should include the name of the personnel involved and how progress will be monitored and evaluated. If there is a question as to whether your child has special educational needs (SEN) you should seek legal advice. Fortunately our specialist Education Law Solicitors have significant experience in the provision of this advice. As specialist education solicitors we have been in involved in appeals, tribunals, and have helped families overturn initial decisions made by the local authority.

If you require SEN legal advice please contact our team by calling 0333 202 7175 or emailing and we will discuss how we can help.