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Special Educational Needs in Chesterfield

As specialist special educational needs (SEN) solicitors, our role is to understand the circumstances you are in and get you the best help available. Our team of Chesterfield special educational needs solicitors are ready and waiting to provide that support.

In general, the UK’s support system for SEN works well, but of course, there are instances where it does not provide the levels of support expected. In these situations, you may wish to challenge a Local Authorities Decisions and Processes. It’s very important to select an experienced SEN solicitor like ourselves, to fight your corner.

Our team can help with the following SEN areas:

• Disability discrimination
• Issues accessing transport
• Difficulties accessing a Home Education package
• Local authority failing to recognise SEN needs of a child
• Switching a statement of SEN over to an EHC (Education, Health, and Care plan)
• Challenging an EHC

If you are living with a child with SEN needs, we understand the additional stresses affecting your own life. Our role is to provide support and advice to gain the best outcome for your child.
To speak to one of our specialist education solicitors, please call our team on 0333 202 7175.

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