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Special Educational Needs Solicitor South London

If your child has special educational needs, our South London experts will help your child get the best possible support. Our dedicated legal team will provide both advice and help you with any issue relating to special educational needs.

If a young person has difficulties in accessing school support mechanisms and requires support beyond that typically made for young people of the same age, they have special educational needs.
Special educational needs (SEN) can amount to any difficulty a child or young person has in accessing education. Special educational needs can impact how a person learns. If a child or young person has a learning difficulty, special educational provisions should be made.

SEN can have a substantial impact on:

• Reading
• Social skills
• Writing
• Ability to understand
• Behaviour
• Concentration levels
• Hearing and/or visual impairment
• Physical ability

You can ask the school for additional help, known as ‘SEN Support’. If you disagree with your local authority, you can challenge these to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal. You might not immediately think to engage a solicitor to deal with an education-related matter but there are circumstances where an experienced professional can provide options, solutions, and recommendations.

If you would like advice and support, our specialist solicitors will be happy to help and guide you through the process. Please contact our team on 02920 291 704 or email