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Corona Virus update


In light of recent events, our higher education solicitors have considered the potential impact that the recent coronavirus will have on all University students.

Many universities across the country have moved to online teaching, assessments and examinations to facilitate remote study.

However, at present, not all Universities have plans for assessments to be undertaken as some professional bodies may require exams/assessments to be undertaken via the supervision of an invigilator. Some professional bodies have required Universities to ensure that certain modules are assessed under invigilation; even if they are delayed.

This may require students to lodge an application for Mitigating Circumstances/Extenuating Circumstances if their examinations/assessments have been adversely affected.

What can we do?

We can assist with providing advice and assistance in submitting your extenuating circumstances form which should be submitted as soon as possible.

This may also impact students who have made applications to study at University which may also require an application for mitigating circumstances.

It is therefore important to focus your appeal on the basis of (a) an acceptable ground permitted by the University’s own Regulations and (b) in the correct format; otherwise the appeal may be rejected entirely.

Our higher education solicitors will advise you on the merits of your case along with any additional documentation that may support your appeal further. For instance, if a student performed poorly during an examination due to illness (which they may have only been aware of after the examination), we may suggest obtaining a copy of your medical records and/or a letter from a GP/Consultant.

Higher Education Solicitors

Higher education law can be complex; particularly as each university has their own extensive rules and regulations. The deadlines of these appeals are often very tight and it is advisable to contact a specialist higher education solicitor for advice as soon as possible.

Our higher education law solicitors are passionate and experienced in assisting students through this process. Students pay significant fees to University and it is important to instruct an experienced professional to help you obtain the best possible prospects of success.

For further advice, please contact us on 02922 408 693.

Rhys Palmer
Solicitor | Litigation and Education Law Departments

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