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Student cheats on exam with surgical ear implant

Student cheats on exam with surgical ear implant

An Indian medical student has been expelled after being caught using a Bluetooth earpiece to receive answers on a ‘last-chance’ exam.

The discovery occurred as students at the Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (DVV) University in Madhya Pradesh State were taking their final exam.

Examiners found a USB-shaped device with a SIM card inside the prospective Doctors pocket. It was seemingly being used to feedback questions to others who could help provide the correct answers.

The 28-year-old student was confronted, and he admitted that a device had been surgically implanted in his left ear by an ENT (Ears, nose, and throat) doctor. He confirmed that he was receiving answers via outside sources. 

Dr. Tiwari said the university had seen students cheating during exams before, but this is the first case where a student had undergone surgery to help beat the system. It has been suggested that cheating on exams in India is endemic because the competition for higher education places and jobs is fierce. A recent Learning Spiral survey found that 73 percent of students will manipulate online exams.

Consequently, flip-flops, shoes, and socks have been banned in schools to prevent students from hiding materials in their footwear. According to official sources the majority of individuals who cheat does so by asking to go to the bathroom so they can take or text a picture of the question to a friend or relative.

After studying medicine for 11 years and failing multiple final exams, the student in question has been expelled.

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