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Education Advice

With offices spread throughout England and Wales we are able to provide Education Advice to those who are in need of education law advice.

Our specialist education solicitors are experienced, knowledgeable, helpful, and ideally placed to help if you need advice around the educational needs of a loved one. Furthermore it is not necessary to visit our offices as we can provide a face to face service via Skype and Zoom well as offer support via phone, post and email. Hence if your child requires support with the following areas of education law we can assist;

  • Ability to comprehend
  • Behaviour
  • Concentration levels
  • Hearing or other impairment
  • Physical ability
  • Reading and writing
  • Social skills

Education advice tends to follow the SEN route (Special Education Needs) and involves an individual who takes responsibility for planning and monitoring the additional support a young person or child requires.

In general parents and guardians should be involved in discussions around education planning and those individuals should be updated a minimum of three times a year on the support that’s being provided to the young person. The report should include the name of the personnel involved and how progress will be monitored and evaluated.

In the event you are uncertain as to whether your child has special educational needs (SEN) it is worth seeking legal advice as a mechanism to both understand the process and confirm what options are available in the event you feel the SEN assistance is insufficient.

Fortunately the Education advice our team of lawyers provides is tailored to providing the best outcome for the individual concerned, and that applies whether court action is required or simply solicitors letters prompting councils or schools to proceed in a certain direction.

To explore matters in further detail please call our team via 0333 202 7175 or alternatively please complete the online form and we’ll contact you on a no obligation basis.