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When it comes to dealing with education related matters, engaging a solicitor may not be your immediate thought.

However, there are circumstances where an experienced professional can provide options, solutions and recommendations, and our Coventry education solicitors have a thorough understanding of the politics involved in gaining access to education funding.

Our solicitors are experienced, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful, and courtesy of our expanding network of offices in England and Wales, we are able to support our education clients wherever you are located within the UK. Our team of education solicitors can help you and your child with education law issues, providing support via phone, post, and email, as well as face to face service.

If you are unsure as to whether your child has special educational needs, then you should seek legal advice. Fortunately, our specialist Coventry Education Law Solicitors have significant experience in the provision of special educational needs within England and Wales and we can help you understand the educational needs associated with;

  • Behaviour
  • Social skills
  • Concentration levels
  • Hearing or visual impairment
  • Reading and writing
  • Ability to comprehend
  • Physical ability

Our Coventry education solicitors are experts in providing SEN Legal advice. We have been involved in successful appeals, via tribunal, which have helped families in obtaining additional support by overturning the initial decisions made by the local authority.

The SEN process (Special Education Needs) involves an individual who takes responsibility for planning and monitoring the additional support a child or young person with special needs requires. Parents and guardians should be involved in discussions about planning SEN support. Those involved should be updated a minimum of three times a year on the support that is being provided to the child, with a report including the name of the personnel involved, and how progress will be monitored and evaluated.

If you feel you are being let down by the education system please call our Coventry Education team on 0333 202 7175.